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Lighting fiber optic harness

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Lighting fiber optic harness

Luxeri produces lighting fiber optic harnesses in PMMAfor accentuation lighting or spot lighting.

The harness consists of a common collector, polymer fiberoptic cables (FOP), end ferrules.

The common collector includes all the FOP cables ofthe harness and is connected to the output of the generator. POF cables areglued and polished on thec ommon collector and on each end ferrule. According tothe level of illumination requirements, the optical cable consists of a polymercoating with one or more plastic optical fibers of TORAY brand. These latterconsist of a PMMA core and a fluorinated cladding.

Several grades of polymer fibers and coatings can beused to meet temperature requirements, fire standards and mechanical stresses.

Several optical diameters are available between 1mmand 6mm :

Fiber optic lighting offers the advantage of nothaving a heating temperature, stable color temperature and a homogeneous lightfor quality lighting and no sealing problem.

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